Castlebank Care Home

Castlebank Care Home is a Grade 1 Care Home, which provides Care for up to 28 older adults of any gender or race. We have an excellent reputation and evidence pertaining to the quality of our care can be found within our inspection reports.
You can see how the Care Quality Commission rated us when they last inspected the Home. (A copy is displayed in the front entrance of the Care Home, or you can access a copy at

Castlebank accepts individuals who have Continuing Health Care, EMI, or residential needs, those who are privately funded and those whose fees are paid, partially or fully, by the local authority.


We are a residential care facility, a safe place where older people can stay and live on a short or long-term basis. We also provide specialist care and support for people living with dementia.


Our aim is to provide excellent care within a warm, safe, and friendly environment whilst meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of the people who live and work here.


We review our values as a team on a regular basis.


Compassion is a fundamental skill and a value that we believe is essential for our community. Compassion and outstanding care go hand in hand in and are easily evidenced by our actions and interactions.


We will be open accountable and transparent in all we do. We respect confidentiality and privacy and understand that relationships require honesty.


We will ensure that we live and work in a respectful environment. We will facilitate and encourage people to live however they want to and promote diversity and acceptance in all that we do. We enjoy being part of our local community and the world around us. We will engage openly in person and by social media, in good spirit, in order to promote our home, lives and work.


We will actively encourage, engage and assist all members of our community to be the best version of themselves. We will promote independence & choice in all we do and evaluate & reflects on our outcomes. We will strive to be knowledgeable, informed and well trained. We will help each other to develop, grow and deliver the best possible service.


Safe places respect freedoms and choices. We will all work to ensure the home is a safe environment for people to live and work in. Activities outside of the home will prioritise safety as a key fundamental requirement. When we know things are not right, we will correct them. We will challenge and raise any issues we have in an appropriate way without fear or favour.