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Read about how our residents and their family members rate us 5 stars in their reviews. From the quality of care, to the compassion of our staff, we make sure that every resident is looked after to the best of our abilities.

Care at Castlebank

The decision to live in any residential care setting is always a big decision and we believe it is important that individuals are provided with enough information to enable them to be confident in choosing a Home that meets their needs. It is imperative that your new home environment is right for you.

Castlebank is a dual registered Care Home. This means that we can look after people that require residential care as well as those who require more assistance and may have a dementia diagnosis also known as EMI Care. We provide a variety of care options for Residential or EMI Care over a variety of time periods for example; short term respite, temporary or longer-term residencies. Our building enables us to manage any change in a resident’s care requirement without them needing to move from one bedroom to another.

Choosing Castlebank

We have a dedicated staff team with the skills and knowledge to support and deliver a high standard of care to the service users. Staff work with other agencies to provide a good quality of co-ordinated care. Castle Bank is a relaxed friendly home with clean and cheerful décor. Residents are encouraged to individualise their own bedrooms, and encouraged to maintain their independence and likes with family and community.

Activities Programme

We have an ongoing stimulating activities programme that changes fortnightly and is appropriate to our residents’ interests as well as the time of year.

Activities are person-centred and individualised


In most instances an individual will be assessed by a multi-disciplinary team. Once a decision has been made to move into a residential care setting, we will allocate you an Admissions Co-ordinator who will discuss potential care packages and care environments with you and your family as requested.

If Castlebank is identified as a potential care environment, you will be very welcome to visit, have a look around and let us know what you think. We will usually arrange to meet with a prospective resident, their family or carer, during a pre-assessment visit. This meeting provides us with the opportunity of undertaking a holistic needs assessment, to identify the level of care that is required in order to ensure that we are confident in being able to meet their assessed needs. Equally, it allows us an opportunity to provide information about the Home, establish the priorities, views and wishes of the prospective resident whilst identifying and addressing any concerns and fears they may have.

All prospective residents’, relatives or carers can visit the home without a prior appointment and meet with other service users and staff before making any decisions. An admission date will only be arranged when a decision has been mutually agreed by all relevant parties. It is important to remember that admissions to the Home are usually subject to a 6-week period whereby either party may end the contract without obligation. The Home will ensure that a meeting with the Manager is arranged, to review the Residents needs towards the end of this period, and the Resident and relatives or carer will be made aware of this review date.

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